Union says plans to scrap GCSEs are an “insult to the nation’s children”


The ATL has described Michael Gove’s plans to scrap GCSEs as an “insult to the nation’s children”.

The education secretary’s plan, backed this morning by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clagg, is to introduce a single end-of-course exam, fewer top grades and one exam board for each subject – a system akin to the old O-Levels.

ATL deputy general secretary Martin Johnson said: “Designing assessments and tests is highly technical and best left to professionals.  A new exam certainly should not be designed on the back of a restaurant menu as a short-term political fix by ignorant ministers.

“This is an insult to the nation’s children who will have to live with the consequences if the crackpot ideas are implemented.

“Since young people will have to stay in education and training until they are 18, there is growing opinion that we no longer need external testing of 16 year olds.”



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