Unite and American sister union want to award US Republican presidential hopeful spoof Olympic ‘medals’ for financial secrecy and forcing austerity on others (pictured: USW campaign logo)


Unite and the United Steelworkers (USW), are offering a reward for information leading to the location of a fundraiser in London tomorrow by the US Republican presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney.

He is due to attend the £16,000 – £48,500 a head event tomorrow evening and the unions say want to ‘award’ Romney two gold medals: one for austerity (forced on others) and the other for financial secrecy.

Unite says the former Barclays bank chief executive Bob Diamond was originally going to host the fundraiser but pulled out after the Libor scandal.

“Romney has earned a reputation as a jobs destroyer, political flip-flopper and tax avoider,” said USW International President Leo W. Gerard, “and now he’s refusing to disclose his tax returns.”

“We feel his commitment to financial secrecy is certainly worthy of the Olympic gold.”

Unite and USW say Romney’s record does not bode well for American workers.

While he made a fortune running investment firm Bain Capital, 22% of the companies Bain bought while Romney headed it, went bankrupt or closed within eight years.

Mitt Romney’s campaign team has refused to provide information about the location of the fundraisers to the unions.

Unite and UWS are offering dinner for two at an American-style restaurant in London for the first person to locate the Mitt Romney fundraiser correctly.

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