All members will be consulted before union decides whether to accept or reject government’s pensions plans


All UNISON’s local government workers are to be consulted about whether to accept the government’s pensions proposals.

At a two-hour meeting yesterday, delegates to the union’s local government conference agreed members should be fully informed before deciding whether either to accept the proposals, or reject them – a move likely to lead to strike action.

Delegate Eddie Redmond from Manchester told the conference: “A full consultation is the essence of a democratic, member-led union.”

Consultation will now take place in branches and regions, with results being fed back into the service group executive, which meets in July along with the other four UNISON groups with members in the scheme.

The ballot will take place between July 31st and August 24th.

* Delegates also voted to campaign to improve pensions for women, and encourage women to join and remain in the pension scheme.

Sharon Foster, who is a member of the union’s national women’s committee, said: “It is our women members who suffer most when it comes to pensions. Women can expect their retirement incomes to be a third less, and worn are twice as likely to have no pension.

“Far too many women face a stark choice between paying pension contributions and feeding their children.”



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