Union members demand answers from chief executive over fair pay rises for the many, not huge bonuses for the few


Unite members are today take their pay campaign to the top of RBS when they challenge the board about unfair pay across the organisation.

Workers from RBS will demand answers from the chief executive and other senior management of the bank on behalf of staff, including over 28,000 staff who this year received no pay rise despite performing well and the organisation continuing to do well.

One worker who is a Unite rep will tell the board: “I have been a member of RBS staff for over 20 years and also represent other colleagues through my trade union, Unite.

“We are told by customers that the person or people within RBS who customers trust isn’t Steven Hester or the executive, it’s the staff in the branches or on the phone who they deal with on a regular basis. These staff are the reason customers haven’t walked away and still have faith in the business. Clearly staff are the greatest asset this organisation has…..so why are 28,000 of us getting a zero pay rise this year, despite performing well across profitable divisions?”

Unite national officer David Fleming said: “The RBS board will at the AGM be forced to look their staff in the eye and explain that while many colleagues are heavily reliant on benefits, such as tax credits to pay their household bills, they continue to award the investment bankers ludicrous bonuses. Today staff will demand answers from the CEO and make clear to management the devastating impact the unfair pay situation has across the bank.

“Staff feel that RBS is failing to value its workforce and this is simply no way for a respectable organisation to conduct itself. Unite is calling for Stephen Hester to give a commitment today to meaningfully engage with Unite to ensure a fairer pay rise for all rather than huge bonuses for the few.”


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