GMB members at Severn Trent are angry at “unacceptable” 2% pay offer


GMB members working at Severn Trent Water are to be balloted for strike action over pay.

The 5,000 workers turned down a 2% pay offer and when the company refused to talk to them about an increase, they moved to a ballot.

GMB national secretary Gary Smith said: “This 2% offer is the lowest in the industry and is well below inflation. It is not acceptable to GMB members.

“Severn Trent Water has just announced the payment of a special dividend of £150 million to shareholders over and above the £100 million paid in the normal dividends to shareholders. Severn Trent Water also have increased bills to customers by 5.2% raising an additional £60 million which they have simply passed on to the shareholders.

“Severn Trent Water managers are also in receipt of big bonuses on top of their salaries. The chief executive has a salary of £550,000 and he gets a bonus of 120% of this amount on top of his salary.

“Severn Trent’s customer performance on the OFWAT scale was the worse in the sector in 2011.”

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