NASUWT and NUT welcome report but say government is not doing enough to support teachers


Teaching unions have welcome Ofsted’s report No Place for Bullying, but say teachers should have more support in tackling the problem.

While the NUT says teachers need access to ongoing training, the NASUWT blames the Coalition government for discarding support, guidance and information when it came to power.

NASUWT general secretary Chris Keates said: “Schools need help and support, as the report highlights, to tackle bullying and to create a climate in which difference and diversity are recognised, respected and celebrated.

“Regrettably, all the excellent support, guidance and information that was previously available to schools was discarded by  the  Coalition Government when it came to office and replaced with a few inadequate paragraphs of advice which amount to little more than telling schools that ‘bullying is bad and you shouldn’t tolerate it’.

“This report demonstrates that the obsessive obliteration of vital information and guidance by the Coalition government is leaving children and young people highly vulnerable and is placing additional burdens on schools as they have to use their own time and resources to plug the gap.”

NUT general secretary Christine Blower said: “It’s good to hear from Ofsted that the majority of schools are doing great work in tackling bullying.


“To ensure that teachers have the confidence and are able to approach issues of diversity and bullying in a constructive and informed fashion, they need access to ongoing training, and as the report highlights, schools excel when clear guidelines on behaviour policy are developed and understood by the whole school community. It is encouraging to see that a very large percentage of pupils believe if they report bullying then action will be taken.

“The NUT believes respect should be accorded in our multicultural society, regardless of race, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation. Bullying ruins lives and must not go unchallenged. There needs to be the time devoted in the curriculum to preventing bullying through challenging negative attitudes. The lessons learnt make a significant difference to pupils’ attitudes, not only during their school career but throughout their adult life as well.”


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