Union comments after survey shows public satisfaction with NHS stoops to lowest level since 1983


The public has seen through the ‘sham, hollow rhetoric’ of the government’s so-called NHS reforms, says Unite.

The union was commenting on yesterday’s King’s Fund’s analysis which showed that public satisfaction with the NHS had dipped from a record 70 per cent to 58 per cent in a year.

Unite assistant general secretary Gail Cartmail said: “The King’s Fund analysis reinforces the argument that the government has squandered the progress made in the NHS over the last decade in favour of ideologically-driven ‘reforms’.

“Before the coalition came to power in May 2010, the NHS was enjoying the highest levels of public satisfaction for a generation – yet the government’s obsession with privatisation, as outlined in the Health and Social Care Act, has led to this dramatic dip in satisfaction levels.

“People are not stupid – they can see the effects of the £20bn worth of ‘efficiency’ savings imposed by Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley and the privatisation of services which has already started.

“Services are stretched as fewer staff, due to redundancies and frozen posts, deal with the increasing demands of a growing population.

“The government’s reforms have been shown to be sham, hollow rhetoric to disguise the real intention of this government  which is to privatise large chunks of the NHS.”

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