UNISON members on strike today over plans to outsource council services in Barnet


Hundreds of UNISON members working for Barnet Council are today taking strike action over attempts to outsource their work.

But while the majority of workers will be on the picket line, a team of strikers will instead donate their time to the Larches Community, a local charity providing services for adults with learning difficulties.

Branch secretary John Burgess said: “We have withdrawn our labour from the council but we have not withdrawn our commitment to our community which is why some of us are heading off to donate our labour to help out a local charity providing services for adults with learning difficulties in Barnet!”

UNISON members are striking over plans by the council to implement the One Barnet Project, which seeks to transfer the majority of staff out of the council.

John Burgess said: “What is happening in Barnet is what is likely to happen across NHS services as private sector companies fight to win lucrative guaranteed contracts, all funded by the tax payer.The total cost of these projects will look to exceed £2Billion which is why the big private sector fat cats are all lined up to try and win the contracts.

“Doing nothing is not an option for our members. I am proud of our members for taking what is always a difficult decision to go on strike. Furthermore their decision to want to go an help out a local charity demonstrates their commitment to their community. I am asking the Leader of the Council to donate all strike pay deductions to be donated to the Mayor’s charities.”

* You can leave a message of support to show your solidarity with the strikers here.

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