Tell Walmart to Discipline Managers Who Illegally Target Workers For Standing Up For Their Rights

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In the past few years, OUR Walmart members have won hard-fought changes at America’s largest retailer. Their bravery, dedication and many actions calling on the Waltons and Walmart to treat Walmart workers better have led to reformed policies for pregnant workers, more transparent scheduling, a raise for Walmart’s lowest paid workers and improved working conditions across the nation.

This past Black Friday, protesters turned out at store locations all over the country, asking Walmart to pay workers $15 an hour and provide access to full-time hours so that associates can afford to make ends meet. Workers went on strike to protest retaliation against workers who stand up for such changes.

Instead of responding to these calls for change, many Walmart managers have been illegally spying on, disciplining and even firing workers who spoke out.

Despite Walmart’s publicly stated anti-retaliation policy, the company has allowed these managers to get away with targeting workers who exercise their rights. These managers have upended the lives of workers, leaving many with no answer as to where money for rent or the next grocery visit will come from.

That’s why OUR Walmart members are calling on Walmart to either discipline these rogue managers or own up to its anti-worker policy. It’s time to end Walmart’s culture of intimidation

You can help support the fired and disciplined workers who are fighting back, by clicking here to see which store managers have been breaking the law, and then signing the worker petition telling Walmart US Labor Relations Manager Vice President Vicky Dawson to uphold Walmart’s policy and immediately discipline or fire these managers that have been involved in trying to illegally silence workers.

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South African trade unionist living in Glasgow. Loves whisky, wine, running and the great outdoors. Walton did an MA in Industrial Relations at Ruskin, Oxford, and is interested in how trade unions use new technology to organise.

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