Union says plans to hire 600 new staff after sacking 900 shows London Underground bosses are out of their depth


Tube bosses are set to employ 600 staff after axing more than 900 posts last year, in a move the RMT has called a “wholly avoidable fiasco”.

The union says the recruitment of the latest wave of staff – in addition to 300 employed earlier this year – is an outright admission that London Underground limited (LUL) got their station staffing cuts programme wrong, and that if they had listened to the union in the first place they could have saved themselves a huge amount of disruption and embarrassment.

General secretary Bob Crow said: “Tube bosses were warned repeatedly that their job cuts programme would come back to haunt them and so it has proved.

“The axing of station staff has been a massive blunder that has left stations unstaffed, created safety problems and led to disruption from the moment it was introduced.

“Instead of listening to the union warnings tube bosses, under the leadership of Boris Johnson, ploughed on regardless and have now been forced into this massive U-turn.

“RMT remains deeply concerned that the legacy of this whole botched staffing cuts process will be a shortage of trained, safety-critical staff to cope with the massive pressure that will be thrown at the system throughout the Olympics period.

“Tube bosses owe Londoners an apology for this wholly avoidable fiasco and a cast-iron assurance that there will be no repeat of this kind of staffing blunder in the future.”




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