Union says Alexander should listen to the public sector, not impose changes on them


Government plans ‘to ram through’ legislation to change public sector pensions to the detriment of employees has been condemned by Unite.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander has said that legislation will be introduced this parliamentary session to enact changes to the pension schemes affecting the NHS, teachers and civil servants.

Unite national officer Fiona Farmer said: “Once again, this government has demonstrated its failure to listen to the very valid arguments put forward by the trade unions in relation to public sector pensions.

“Ministers dress up their statements to give the impression that their plans for public sector pensions have been universally agreed by the respective workforces. This is simply not true.

“Unite will continue to campaign when the legislation comes before parliament, as it is pernicious and will mean public sector workers paying more, working longer up to the age of 68, and receiving less when they eventually retire.

“Instead of imposing dramatic and detrimental changes to pensions of hard working public sector staff by diktat, ministers should reopen meaningful talks to reach a fair settlement.”

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