• Rana Plaza one year on

    The Bangladesh Workplace Safety Accord is underway, but the Bangladeshi Government is failing on workers’ rights


    Chinese workers fight back

    China is the workshop of the world, and for years the threat of outsourcing to China has been used to discipline workers in other countries.

    But Chinese workers are fighting back and winning better terms and conditions for themselves. We need to support them to turn the race to the bottom into a climb to the top.

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    How to organise a union

    Workers need unions now, more than ever. The irony is that the workers who need unions the most are the ones least likely to be members.

    Time to organise!

    Qatar: what can we do?

    Qatar is a slave state in the desert. If this doesn’t change, need to take the 2022 World Cup away from them.

    Take action

    Ask your MP to sign the EDM on INEOS and Trades Unions

    Petrochemical company INEOS has sacked the Unite convenor Mark Lyon at the Grangemouth site, and is refusing to recognise the elected shop stewards.

    This is in breach of ILO standards and UK labour law, yet the company will receive public money.

    Write to your MP


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    Rana Plaza one year on: what has changed?

    The Bangladesh Workplace Safety Accord is underway, but the Bangladeshi Government is failing on [...]

    National Front results: Is France in danger of becoming a fascist country?

      An analysis of the results of the National Front in the French municipal elections 2014 - by [...]

    The "One of Us" Citizens’ Initiative : extremists attack reproductive rights in Europe

    - By Aurélie Wielchuda  Last week, the European Citizens’ Initiative “One of Us”- which [...]

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    Workers at Maruti Suzuki India take their factory back in stunning election win for union

    Workers at Maruti Suzuki in India have been involved in a long struggle for their rights. The Maruti Suzuki Workers’ Union was officially registered in March 2012, and they have been attacked by management ever since. In July 2012, during a [...]

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    Turkish union wins bargaining deal with DHL

    Turkey’s TÜMTİS union has secured a nationwide collective bargaining agreement with logistics giant DHL after a difficult two and a half year struggle. The agreement will provide 2,200 workers at DHL Turkey with social security, regulate [...]

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    Greece: another woman dies due to not having health insurance

    This time, it was a 40 year old uninsured mother of two young children from the island of Mytilini. She died from a stroke because she didn’t have the money to pay for medication. The 40 year old hadn’t been taking her medication for some time [...]

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    London: Celebrate workers on the big screen

    The London Labour Film Festival launches next week, with an exciting programme of workers’ films from around the world, including four premieres. It’s just £20 for a festival pass to all films and events – treat yourself, and come [...]

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    Brazilian metalworkers sign first ever collective agreement in the sector

    Metalworkers from Brazilian metalworkers’ union CNM/CUT signed the first collective labour agreement in the metals sector on Wednesday 16 April. The agreement is with ThyssenKrupp Elevators and will establish equality of the Profit [...]

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    Solidarity group calls for release of Iranian trade unionist on hunger strike

      Please retweet or copy this tweet to show your support @HassanRouhani Release imprisoned trade unionist Shahrokh Zamani now and recognise ILO Conventions 87 and 98 https://t.co/rULzT9D4aG — Union Solidarity Int (@USILive) April 16, 2014 [...]

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    Australian workers win stunning victory against furniture retailer

    Members of the National Union of Workers have won a stunning victory against an Australian furniture retailer. The workers had been locked out by the Super A-mart warehouse in Melbourne since the 7th of March, after a one-day strike in support of a [...]

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    China jails labour activists for nine months for “disturbing social order”

    By Jennifer Cheung A Chinese court has jailed three leading workers for nine months for their roles in holding a rooftop protest last year. Meng Han, one of the worker leaders being sentenced, used to work as a security guard at the No. 1 Auxiliary [...]

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    Watch out Teachers of Latin America – the World Bank is on your case!

    - By Mary Compton The World Bank is turning its focus once again to ‘reforming’ education in Latin America. ‘The issue is no longer about quantity or access to schools, but the quality of schools,’ says a World Bank [...]

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    ITF disturbed over continued human rights abuses in Swaziland

    The International Transport Workers’ Federation is disturbed to hear that less than 48 hours after charges were dropped against two human rights’ defenders in Swaziland, fresh warrants have been issued for their arrests. Following a high court [...]

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    Workers at Honduras banana plantations win right to unionise

    Workers are now free to join a union and are enjoying ‘economic benefits and better treatment’ at three banana plantations in Honduras following an international ‘Make Fruit Fair’ campaign. Workers are now free to join a union and are [...]

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    Crisis in South Africa's platinum mines as strike continues

    - By Terry Bell A crunch point has this week been reached in South Africa’s platinum sector. Stockpiles are all but exhausted and striking miners are starving. In normal circumstances this would be the time when compromise is reached, a matter of [...]

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